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cleanse, exfoliate, infuse, oxygenate




For radiant skin, opt for the Prestige Hydrofacial treatment, this treatment is revolutionary, complete, non-invasive and brings all the benefits to your skin.

This treatment adapts to all types of skin and is carried out in 4 stages:





For this, it will smooth the skin, eliminate impurities from pores, blackheads while providing intense hydration thanks to serums with concentrated active ingredients. At the end of the treatment, your skin is radiant, plumped and luminous.

This treatment is available in several packages to target exactly what you want to improve.

It is the only hydradermabrasion treatment that uses advanced technology.

It combines classic facial treatments with new technologies in advanced aesthetic medicine such as radiofrequency or cavitation.

It is perfect for acting on the complexion, oily skin, wrinkles, imperfections, sagging skin, elasticity, lines of expression.


LED photo appareil.jpeg

LED biostimulation

In order to reinforce the benefits of Prestige Hydrafacial skincare, the use of LED photomudulation is recommended. Light will potentiate the effects of the serum.


The indications for light therapy treatment are as follows:

  • Photo-rejuvenation and prevention of skin aging through stimulation of fibroblasts (cells that make the skin).

  • Improvement of scars (traumatic or burning), acne.

  • Improved skin texture: large pores, skin tone and elasticity.

  • Improvement of redness.

  • Action on pigmentary disorders (inhomogeneity of the complexion and tasks).

  • Reduction of periorbital fine lines.

  • Relaxing effect, appearance of a feeling of well-being, improvement in overall condition.

  • Complement to acne treatment


Here is the sequence of a session:


The area to be treated is cleaned and then placed under the LED device, the session is comfortable and short-lived, about 20 minutes.
Hulls protect the eyes.
We select the type of light and the parameters according to the type of skin and the indication to be treated.
The color of the light influences its depth of penetration.

The effects depend on the color chosen:


  • Green light gives a boost and reduces pigment.

  • Blue light is used for acne, it has a bactericidal action.

  • The yellow light improves local circulation that calms redness and stimulates.

  • Red light stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, the cells that synthesize collagen and elastin fibers, the skin is gently regenerated.

The protocol advises ten sessions, two sessions per week.


After treatment you can resume your activities, redness may persist for ten minutes.


This treatment is not recommended for people who take a specific treatment such as anti-biotics, photosensitizers, anti-inflammatory, skin disease.

There are no side effects or social eviction, the risk of burns is zero.
Patients find the session relaxing.