Unmissable services

Premium facial treatment

Hydrofacial care :

The only hydradermabrasion treatment for facial skin that uses patented technology. In one hour, the Prestige Hydrofacial treatment combines classic skin care procedures with advanced aesthetic medicine technologies .

Microneedling and BB glow treatment:

Collagen induction therapy for smoother, firmer, more toned skin

The microneedling carried out after a good cleansing of the skin. It smoothes skin irregularities such as acne scars and large pores. The complexion and the skin texture are unified.

Microneedling also allows cosmetic treatments to penetrate better.

Nail beauty

  • The installation of porcelain nails , a technique with multiple benefits:

  - beautifies your nails

- without damaging them

- suitable for pregnant women

- scentless

- strengthens and protects your nail

- long held

  • Discover " the ideal or Russian manicure" which consists in deeply preparing the nail with the total removal of the cuticles in order to have perfect nails.

- It is a service that is totally different from a normal manicure

- It gives the effect of length to the nail.

- It is recommended for bitten nails.

Beauty of the gaze

  • Hair removal with thread : Ancestral technique which allows clear hair removal of the eyebrows or different areas of the face.

- This technique allows a restructuring of the eyebrows

- It gives a perfect symmetry of the eyebrows


  • You will find more information on treatments in the benefits / services sections

Hairdressing event

Sobeauty's Home is happy to offer you a hairdressing service for all your events.

-smooth or Californian brushing

- sophisticated, bohemian bun

For all the big celebrations, my partner specializing in bun and other hairstyles will be present for the preparation of several people.



Good to know


  • For future Brides, if you have chosen a service in addition to makeup, you can benefit from a preferential rate. For more information please contact me.

  • Each service is by appointment with a proposal for very flexible hours (evening, very early in the morning, Sunday, public holiday) only on request.

  • If you have an important appointment and you need to be styled (smoothing or curling) Sobeauty's Home can offer it in addition to makeup or nail beauty. This only on request.